Being Prepared and Stocking Up

Being Prepared - Stock Up on SuppliesUnexpectedly, the power went out last week and it made me realize how unprepared I would be if the power were to go out for a extended amount of time. Luckily it only lasted a few hours so my fridge and the food inside were okay.
While I had some supplies like my flashlight, candles and matches, I realized I should have stocked up on a few other items.
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Of course when the power went off my phone was on its last little bit of battery power. I never got around to purchasing a compatible car charger since getting a new phone and so I had no way of keeping it charged up. I’ve seen these external batteries for smartphones and I never really thought about getting one until now. I was at least able to look up the phone number and report the power outage in our area before my phone died but having the backup battery and/or a car charger would have been very useful.
Another thing I realized was that I needed to stock up on batteries. Yes, I had my working flashlight but if those batteries died I’d be in the dark. I also have some candles but they are all pretty small and I don’t think they would last very long. A few larger long-lasting candles would do the trick!

Considering we only have an electric grill/smoker I would have no way to cook anything or even boil water if need be. A few small Sternos, a DIY Rocket Stove from Prepared Housewives or a Propane Camping Stove are items I’m adding to my list.
Keeping the pantry stocked up with non-perishable food and water for drinking are other important items. I had some bottled water on hand but some large jugs of drinking water that could also be used for cooking or cleaning are a good idea.
It’s not really feasible for us to stock up on ice since our freezer is not that big but if you have the extra space it’s worth it.
Don’t forget the First Aid supplies/kit. You never know when or what could happen and this is really something to have on hand for any situation.
The power outage turned out to be a real eye opening experience for me. A lot of these things seem obvious but I never thought about them until now. I discovered how unprepared I really am and I plan on stocking up on these supplies so next time I’m ready!
Are you prepared?