Finley Friday


Happy Friday from this funny guy! I was doing some yoga before bed the other night and I look over to see Finley with his face between the bars of his cage. He likes to be a little jailbird and put his paws through too…it doesn’t look very comfy to me but he seems to think so.

Finley Friday – It’s a Tough Life

It’s Friday – Finley Friday ’round here!
We finally moved the couches in from the garage after we finished painting the ceilings in the living room. Let me just say that a recliner couch weighs a ton and I don’t have a lot of upper body strength – but somehow – the hubby and I managed to get it through 2 doorways and into the living room. I think Finley was happy to have one of his favorite nap spots back, don’t you think?

Finley the Pomeranian - Finley Friday - It's a Tough Life

Happy Weekend + Funny Video + Finley Friday!

I woke up super early this morning and couldn’t go back to sleep. So much to do, so little time!
Before rolling out of bed in the morning I like to check my email and social media. I came across this little video and it had me literally laughing out loud!


Happy Finley Friday!! Finley the Pomeranian loves his new backyard. We just need to get him a fence so he can run around off leash.

Finley the Pomeranian - Finley Friday - New Backyard!