Miniature Donuts!

DSC_5953I came across these tiny little donuts aka “Elf Donuts” on Pinterest. I decided to make some for myself. I dipped Cheerios in powdered sugar, chocolate, cinnamon and cocoa powder. I didn’t have a cute little container to put them in so I just folded a piece of foil into a box-like shape.

Someday when I have kids this will be a fun project to make on Christmas Eve and leave them out for Santa and his little elves!

The Unconfidential Cook has their version of these little donuts and more tiny treats to make!

Make Word Art with Tagxedo

kai_in_wordsTagxedo is a neat application that creates “word clouds” from any text you enter. There’s a lot of settings you can choose like the colors, fonts, and whether you want the words to make up another word (like in the “dream” photo below) or if you want to use them in a shape or image (I used my logo). It takes some playing around with but it’s fun to see all the different designs you can come up with. There’s a whole list of ways to use the application which you can find here. You can even enter your website url or twitter id and it will create a word cloud for you.

Try it out yourself at Tagxedo

Here are a few examples of what I created using the application.

A Too Cute Craft!

Pinning and perusing Pinterest is pretty much a daily thing for me. I’ve found so many cool ideas for all sorts of do-it-yourself crafts, awesome recipes and design inspiration. When I saw this picture I had to click on it to see what it was, they are just TOO CUTE! “TravelWees” is what these little guys are called. The pattern to make them can be purchased on Craftsy for $8.00. I just may have to buy the pattern and make one for myself. They would also make great gifts to give to my nieces.

I absolutely love these little “TravelWees”!
Travel Wees Craft
Pattern by Larissa Holland of MmmCrafts

DIY Wedding Flowers and Wedding Planning Checklist

There are so many things to think about when it comes to planning a wedding! Especially working out the details when you are on a tight budget. I only have 39 more days to go until I will be a Mrs! The closer it gets the more anxiety I have about being able to get everything done and to think of all the things I need to do. Well the most helpful thing for me is to make a list where I can check off tasks as I complete them. It really helps me to be able to put a big check mark next to something that has been taken care of and I know that it is one less thing to worry about. Here’s a simple checklist you can print and use for your own planning purposes: Wedding Planning Checklist.

DIY Wedding Flowers

Bouquet Holder

Wilton Fresh Look Bouquet Holder

This past week I went to meet with a few florists to discuss flowers for the wedding. Both the florists gave me quotes that were over my budget so I decided I would do the flowers myself. I really like the hand tied look and our wedding theme is rustic so I was excited to find a bouquet holder that has fake stems. All I have to do is stick the flower heads into the foam and then wrap the stems with ribbon or burlap. I am hoping that by mixing preserved flowers and silk flowers you won’t be able to tell they are fake unless you are up close. Not only will this save money up front on the flowers but I also won’t have to worry about preserving the bouquet after the wedding!

I was having the same issue with the cake being way more than I wanted to spend but I was lucky enough to get a name from one of the florists that does amazing work and is very affordable! We are going to have cupcakes and a small 2-tier cake for us to cut and save for our first anniversary. Cupcakes eliminate the need for the cake cutting service and is very convenient for guests to serve themselves. We are also replacing the groom’s cake with chocolate cupcakes! Yum!!


Wedding Planning Websites

Wedding Planning Websites

Wedding Planner

I love to make things and I am also planning a wedding so what’s a girl to do? Make my own decorations!! A few of my favorite websites for inspiration are PinterestWedding Gawker and Martha Stewart Weddings. There are a ton of ideas and many of them have tutorials to go along with them.

The Knot has lots of great resources with everything from vendors, wedding inspiration, and helpful hints for writing vows to a personal planner to keep track of wedding guests, budget, etc.

Another of my favorites is A Practical Wedding. This website has some awesome tips and brings some much needed sanity into planning!

Exclusively Weddings is a good source for everything you need for your wedding: favors, invitations, accessories, you name it!

Looking for color inspiration? Check out Design Seeds.

Are you planning a wedding? If so, I’d like to hear what some of your favorite websites are.