DIY Christmas Gifts – Idea #3

DIY Christmas OrnamentsToday I am sharing a video (my first video!) and instructions for how to make these DIY Christmas Ornaments I’ve been seeing all over Pinterest. The glitter is on the inside of the ornaments so not only are they beautiful and shiny, there is no mess or glitter coming off when you touch them! The secret is Pledge floor cleaner. After coating the inside of the ornament with the floor cleaner, glitter is swirled around and you are left with these beauties:DIY Christmas OrnamentsDIY Christmas OrnamentsDIY Christmas Ornaments
I had so much fun making these ornaments. Probably more fun than one should have. I would have kept going but I ran out of ornaments.
I can’t wait to hang them on my tree and wrap some for Christmas gifts!DIY Christmas OrnamentsDIY Christmas Ornaments

DIY Glitter Ornaments – Idea #3

Pledge FloorCare Multi-Surface Finish

What you’ll need:
Clear glass ornaments (available at the craft store)
Rubbing alcohol (for cleaning)
Fine glitter
Pledge FloorCare Multi-Surface Finish
Step 1– Remove the toppers from the ornaments.
Step 2– Pour a small amount of rubbing alcohol inside and swirl around so that is coats the whole ornament.
Step 3– Dump out any leftover alcohol and set them upside down in their tray to dry.
Step 4– Once they are completely dry (I waited a day but a few hours is probably enough) pour a small amount of the pledge floor cleaner and swirl around the ornament so that it coats the whole inside of the ornament.
Step 5– Pour any remaining floor cleaner back into the bottle.
Step 6– Add some glitter in the ornament and swirl around.
Step 7– Start twisting the ornament at a steady pace allowing the glitter to adhere to the inside of the ornament. Add more glitter as needed until the whole inside is coated.
Step 8– Set upside down in the tray to dry.
Step 9– Once they are dry you can replace the toppers and use them as is or decorate them with ribbon or embellishments for a cute Christmas gift!

DIY Christmas Ornaments

Here’s a quick how-to video:


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