Finley Friday the 13th!

Finley has learned to escape from his cage. It’s happened three times now, where we come home to find him greeting us at the door. Thankfully, he hasn’t seemed to have gotten into anything or made a mess while we were gone, so I can’t help but laugh at my smart little pom. I just wonder if he actually knows how to slide the lever on his cage or if he just paws at it until it opens. Guess I’m going to have to find a new way of closing his cage so my escape artist can’t get out.
I wonder what he does while we aren’t there, enjoying free reign of the house. For some reason, when he free’s himself, he hasn’t gotten into things but I bet it would be a different story if we were to leave him out ourselves. Funny little guy! I <3 him!
Finley Pomeranian

“Hi Mom….I’ve just been laying here until you came home”…yeah right!

Finley Pomeranian

Just catching up on all my shows and checking my emails!