Fruit Infused Tea | Fruit Infused Water

Fruit Infused Tea

Fruit Infused Tea

Sometimes it’s nice to have a refreshing drink besides plain water or tea. By infusing fruit into tea it adds a nice fruity flavor without all the calories and sugar you’d get from soda or juice.

To make fruit infused tea all you need to do is brew a cup of tea and then add a few slices of fruit. I chose strawberry and orange but feel free to get creative and use any fruit you have on hand for whatever flavor you’d like to have.

You can also add in some herbs like mint or basil or even cucumber to add another level of flavor.

Once you have your fruit and/or herbs added to your tea, refrigerate overnight or for several hours and then enjoy.Fruit Infused Tea

Fruit Infused Water

Fruit Infused WaterTo make fruit infused water the same method is used. Just pour a cup of water and add in a few slices of fruit and/or herbs, refrigerate for several hours or overnight and you have a nice, low calorie, fruit flavored water.