Traveling in the Car with your Dog

IMAG0604 Lately we’ve been traveling a lot in the car and of course bringing our dog Finley along. He is a very active dog (active may be an understatement!) and in the car he’s usually on my lap with ants in his fur pants. He just can’t seem to sit still and he always wants to see out the window so he won’t miss anything. On long trips he will eventually lay down but I know being on my lap for more than a few hours is not very comfortable for him or me.

Snoozer Lookout - Dog Booster Seat
I finally broke down and ordered a dog booster car seat! I cannot wait to try it out on our next trip! Not only does it allow him to see out the window, but he will be strapped in which will make him much safer riding in the car. There is even a little drawer in the bottom of the seat for storing things like toys and treats. I will do another post and let you know how it goes!