Clean Makeup Brushes – DIY Cleaner

diy makeup brush cleaner

Before my wedding I went to the MAC store so they could help me choose a foundation that matched my skin tone. While I was at the MAC store they of course tried to sell me brushes and brush cleaner and all of their other products. I wish I had the money to buy all of that but it adds up quickly! I had some old makeup brushes from a Bare Minerals kit I bought years ago and also a cheap set I bought from Walmart. I had enough different kinds of brushes to do the job so I figured I would save the money there and I was sure I could clean them with some household ingredients.

Here’s a simple DIY Makeup Brush Cleaner Recipe:

  • 1 Cup Water
  • 1 Tablespoon of Baby Shampoo
  • 2 Tablespoons Rubbing Alcohol

I cleaned out an old contact solution container I had and added this homemade cleaner to it. Now after using my brushes I just squirt this on and run them against a paper towel and voila they are clean. They dry fairly quickly too which makes this great to use after every application. I love things that are quick and easy!

Once a month, it’s a good idea to soak the brushes in vinegar and water and then deep clean them with baby shampoo. This will help prevent bacteria and build-up and will keep your brushes in good shape.