DIY Decorating Projects


Making Things Pretty

Sometimes you just need some decoration to liven up a space.
We’ve been in our apartment for almost two years now. (Wow time flies, I can’t believe it)
After cleaning up my desk and clearing out the paper clutter I got the itch to do some decorating. I needed some¬†excitement¬†in my office so I had something to look at instead of the drab tan walls. When I’m surrounded by color and artwork I feel more inspired and enjoy being in my space.
These DIY decorating projects can be used in any space but are perfect for decorating your apartment or rented space since they won’t cause any damage. They are also easy, super cheap and can be changed out anytime you’d like!

Wall Decals:

I found these cute wall stickers for $1.00 at the dollar store, of all places. I first tried them on the walls but since my walls are a textured tanish color it didn’t look that good. We have smooth white doors so I decide to put them on the door. It just adds that sparkle and whimsical touch. These decals are removable so it won’t cause any damage and I can move them around whenever I want.


It’s hard to tell but these decals are actually a metallic silver which you can see a little better in this picture below.


Make and use your own artwork:

Above my desk I hung a puzzle that I put together years ago featuring a sunset over the water. In the corner of that I hung a painting I did one day when I was feeling creative. It has one of my favorite mantras on it. I took a plain canvas and stuck on vinyl letters and then painted over with different colors. Then I used a hot glue gun to create the raised dots and little flourish designs and painted over that. Once the paint was dry I peeled away the vinyl. I then filled in the letters with a coat of hot glue so it has a sheen.


Wrap your desk:

My extra work space is an old table that was really ugly and had paint and stains all over the top. I covered it with a bright and shiny wrapping paper to add some color and fun. The best thing about using wrapping paper is I can easily change it out to another design anytime!


So now that you have some inspiration, go have some fun and create something, it’s good for your soul!