Cleansing with Oil – The Oil Cleansing Method

Oils for Skin - Oil Cleansing Method

A few weeks ago I came across an interesting article that uses oil to clean your face. I had previously been using Cetaphil face wash and Coconut Oil as a moisturizer. Even though Cetaphil is a “gentle” cleanser my face still felt dry and tight after using the face wash and I was getting pretty bad cystic acne. The theory behind the oil cleansing method is based in chemistry’s principle that like dissolves like. By cleansing your face with natural oils it helps to restore balance to your body’s natural oil production and can lead to healthier looking skin.
Whether this theory holds true or not is up for debate but I decided to give it a try. After using this method for a few weeks now I’m happy to say I have seen an improvement in my skin. I haven’t used it every night so I would like to give it more time to see if there is even more improvement. I did have a few blemishes pop up this week but they seem to last for a much shorter time and haven’t been as bad as they previously have been. Apparently there may be an adjustment period where the skin gets worse before it gets better as it it getting rid of all the gunk and build-up.
There are different oils you can choose from but the two I currently am using are Castor Oil and Jojoba Oil.
Beneficial Botanicals has a list of different oils and their comedogenic rank. I really love the smell of the Coconut Oil but with a comedogenic rank of 4, I realize it’s not the best choice for my face. I do still use Coconut Oil on the rest of my body for a luxurious moisturizer. I have really sensitive and dry skin so I chose the Jojoba Oil which ranks a 2 and is supposed to be good for sensitive skin. Once I use up the Jojoba Oil I want to try Shea Oil which is a 0.
Castor Oil - Oil Cleansing MethodSo far, the Castor Oil mixed with the Jojoba Oil seem to be doing well for my skin. Even my husband commented that my face was clearing up, so I know it’s working!
The oil cleansing method involves mixing a base oil such as Castor Oil with another carrier oil like Jojoba and then massaging it into the skin and applying a hot washcloth to steam your face and help open up the pores.
The types and amounts of oil you use will vary based on your skin type and you will have to experiment to see what works best for your skin but here is a general guideline:
Dry Skin: 10% or less of Base Oil to 90% Carrier Oil
Combination Skin: 20% Base Oil to 80% Carrier Oil
Oily Skin: 30% Base Oil to 70% Carrier Oil
The Oil Cleaning Method
Step 1 – Pour desired amounts of Castor Oil and Jojoba Oil into the palm of your hand and mix together.
Step 2 – Apply the oil mixture to your face with your fingertips and massage gently into skin using circular motions.
Step 3 – Place a washcloth under hot water and wring out. Apply the hot cloth to the face and allow it to steam face until it cools. Repeat 3-4 times and then rinse and wring the washcloth and gently wipe any remaining oil.
*If your face still feels dry you can apply a little more Jojoba Oil to moisturize.
*I use a clean washcloth every time to prevent spreading any bacteria.
In a few more weeks I will do a follow up post to see if there are any more changes/improvements to my skin!
What method do you use to clean your face? Have you tried the OCM?
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